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At Herbex we understand that service quality is a consumer right and should form part of the ethos of the people that work for our company.
In order for quality to be fully implemented as a priority, the following aspects and commitments have been addressed:
  • The Herbex company complies with the legal requirements of Agro Food quality, establishing product quality as a priority.
  • Our clients will be informed with maximum brevity of any possible service issues in order to minimize the impact they may cause.
  • Herbex production will be supervised at every moment to ensure the quality and cleanliness of products for end consumers. Herbex implements a quality control and assurance system for its products.
  • Currently we work towards prioritizing quality, product safety, respect for the environment, and conservation of flora and fauna within the LEAF framework.
  • We will strive to achieve continuous improvement of work processes that will allow us to be competitive.
  • The people who work for our company will participate to attain Continuous Improvement.
  • Our company possesses a Code of Ethics based on the Agricultural Workers’ Convention of Almería, which lays out the guidelines followed by Herbex within the scope of labor relations, in order to respect workers’ welfare.
Herbex integrally manages its farms within the globally recognized framework of GLOBALGAP and the quality standards of TESCO NURTURE, LEAF AND FIELD TO FORK. Likewise, its packaging facilities follow guidelines of the global quality reference of the BRC.
Quality and safety will be guaranteed as we following through with the above mentioned pledge and fully comply with our in-house Food Safety Plans and Protocols.