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Tips and Care

• Tips and Care for Fresh-Cut Herbs

Herbex culinary herbs are 100% natural without additives or preservatives.

As with all fresh produce, these herbs must be washed before using and should be consumed as soon as possible.

In order to preserve their flavor and freshness, they should be refrigerated at between 2ºC to 4ºC, except for Basil, which should be kept at 8ºC to 12ºC.

It is recommended to keep the herbs in the same package as they were purchased or in a plastic bag in order to avoid dehydration.
• Tips and Care for Potted Herb Plants

Herbex potted Culinary Herb plants are a perfect and natural complement to freshen your home’s air and to always have fresh herbs on hand.

Remove the plant’s wrapper and place near sunlight, on a window sill or balcony, far from artificial air currents.

It is preferable to water the plant several times with a small amount of water so excess water does not collect.

Liquid fertilizer can be added to your plant to keep it healthy longer.

Your aromatic herb plant can be transplanted to a garden during hot weather months where it will continue growing vigorously so you can continue to have fresh herbs at your disposal.